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PV-array Sablanico built by Giuseppe Ciammetti

Studio EOS is a Photovoltaics Consultancy Studio situated in Pescara, in the Abruzzo region in Central Italy. We offer integrated project design of PV-arrays of all sizes (from 3 kWp to 3 MWp) to companies and private customers. Our services include Site evaluation, Feasibility studies, Environmental Impact studies, Simulation of production and Economic ROI studies. We also take care of documentation and applications for feed-in tariffs in Conto Energia, the government incentivation scheme with the GSE. Contact us for a consultancy and an evaluation of your project, without any initial cost.

The Studio collaborates with architects, specialist engineers and installation companies according to needs during a specific project. Turn Key energy solutions and Solar panels can be offered through the company Icaro srl residing in Spoltore, in the Pescara province.

Visit some of our projects already in production on the page projects.

The photovoltaics array "Sablanico"

Dr. Giuseppe Ciammetti has built a photovoltaics project of 45 kWp situated on his own property in Loreto Aprutino, in the Pescara province. The array is in production since March 2007 and you'll find the production data on this website in the near future.

If you have questions you may contact us directly writing an email to

Pino Ciammetti

Pino Ciammetti in front of his PV array

Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Pisa University in 1985 with thesis on photovoltaics.... Curriculum.

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Conto energia

Italian decree of 19 feb. 2007 - Application for incentives for photovoltaics arrays

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