Photovoltaic Installations in Abruzzo

Studio EOS mainly designs photovoltaics installations for industry and private households. Below you'll find a list describing some of our projects.

SPOLTORE: PV-array - no architectonic integration - 11,88 kWp

Impianto FV - Spoltore

Roof installation on Secondary school "D. Alighieri" in Spoltore.
Panels: REC solar SMC220, polycrystalline silicon
Inverter: 3 inverter Sunny Boy 3300 IT, single phase
Started production in July 2009
Net-metering, Feed-in tarif: 0,451 €/kWh (Public Institution)
Project design

PENNE: PV-array - building integrated - 6,16 kWp

Impianto FV - Penne

Installation as roof for car-park.
Panels: REC solar SMC210, polycrystalline silicon
Inverter: Sunny Mini Central 6000TL-IT, single phase
Started production in May 2008
Net-metering, Feed-in tarif: 0,46 €/kWh + 5% (autoproducer)
Project design and hardware supply

LORETO APRUTINO: PV-array - building integrated- 3,96 kWp

Impianto FV - Loreto Aprutino

Installation on roof on private house.
Panels: TRINA TSM180D, monocrystalline silicon
Inverter: Power One PVI-3600-IT, single phase
Started production in October 2007
Net-metering, Feed-in tarif: 0,49 €/kWh
Project design for Tecnoservice snc in Pescara

LORETO APRUTINO: PV-array - no architectonic integration - 44,8 kWp

Impianto FV - Loreto Aprutino

Ground PV-installation "Sablanico" in agricultural area.
Panels: SHARP NT-175E1, monocrystalline silicon
Inverter: Sunway TG 49 - 800 V, three phase
Started production in March 2007
Sale, Feed-in tarif: 0,46 €/kWh index-linked (DM 28/07/2005)
Turnkey Project design and Installation
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Pino Ciammetti

Pino Ciammetti in front of his PV array

Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Pisa University in 1985 with thesis on photovoltaics.... Curriculum.

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Conto energia

Italian decree of 19 feb. 2007 - Application for incentives for photovoltaics arrays

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