Grid Connection and Feed-in Tarif

The actual feed-in tarifs in Italy are the highest in Europe and the GSE receives around 2000 applications for feed-in tarifs a month.

However, these are valid until the end of 2009 and it is not yet known what will be government policy for the coming years.

On completed installation of your PV-array, the request for connection to the national grid has to be submitted to your local energy provider (in most cases, ENEL) who will send you an estimate of the cost, which is related to the current situation in your area. Once you have accepted and paid this invoice, the energy provider obliges himself to connect you within the next 2 months.

The application for government incentives has to be submitted within 2 months after the PV-array has been grid connected. Most documentation has to be submitted online through the GSE website, this mainly consists of:

Studio EOS handles all documentation to ENEL regarding the request for grid-connection and to GSE regarding the application for feed-in tarifs, and we may advise you on all relevant matters.

Pino Ciammetti

Pino Ciammetti in front of his PV array

Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Pisa University in 1985 with thesis on photovoltaics.... Curriculum.

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Italian decree of 19 feb. 2007 - Application for incentives for photovoltaics arrays

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